Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Year and Counting...

Hello. This could be our first time meeting, and if it is I'd like to extend a warm greeting your way. Or perhaps you've read all my previous blogs and you've been wondering where I've been this past year and a half. Maybe you thought that I joined an ancient band of immortal ronin and was busy wandering the Japan countryside helping peasants escape the tyrannical grasp of evil bureaucratic tyrants who govern small villages with a clenched, draconian. tyrannical fist. Or perhaps, though unlikely, you forgot this blog existed. Fair enough. I haven't really been doing my job updating it. But if that's the case then I'd like to ask you a question, dear reader...

WHERE WERE YOU? Were you waiting with bated breath, updating this page every 10 minutes waiting for an update? Did you lose your job because you couldn't drag yourself out of bed because you were so distraught over not getting your daily (weekly? monthly??) fix of me in Japan. And if not then why weren't you?

Well, now there's no excuse. I'M BACK. And now I have more to say and this thing is going to blow up like a firecracker in a cupcake. That is to say... I'll be updating it more frequently... I hope.

Anyways, I just finally posted a couple of blogs that I had saved as drafts. I swear looking at this thing I have more drafts than actual posts. What up with that? Also, I need to trim my nails. All this typing is making that painfully apparent.

I need some food.


PS: I do stand up now...

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